Where the legend began and ended.

Highway 46, coming out of Cholame, CA. Photos taken at Cholame (Native American Indian which means Beautiful Boquet), California on September 30, 2002 late in the day about 5:30 PM approximately the time of the James Dean fatal car accident which occurred on September 30, 1955 at this junction, now known officially and legally as The James Dean Memorial Junction.

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Old Highway 466 (known as "Blood Alley"} in Cholame, CA.

Arrows show the old highway James Dean was traveling on 9-30-55. New Highway 46  is at the left in the photo.
Again, the arrows show the old Highway 466. Purple arrow shows the "dip" where Spyder was "invisible." Green arrow shows the approximate area of his fatal car accident. Donald Turnupseed was going toward the arrows turning about where the green arrow is.
Another shot of the intersection.
Another intersection shot. Green arrow shows area of the crash
Green arrow shows approximate area of cars' collision. Blue arrow shows where the telephone poll was where Dean's Spyder rested after impact.
Going into the sun at just about that time 47 years ago. The road to the right is new, the direction and approximate placement are correct.